Mosque's interior

Mosque's interior

UK Albanian Muslim Community & Cultural Centre, formerly known as “Kosova Islamic Centre U.K. Ltd” was founded and established in 1994 in London by Sheikh Zymer Salihi, H.A. Khalid, Syed Mohammad Tanzeem Wasti, and Bahri Bojaj, this was to fulfil the Community’s religious, educational, social and cultural needs.

Since the conflict in the Balkans and the genocide in Kosova, around 50.000 Albanian have arrived in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

The increase number of our community required such an institution to assist and intervene in the needs of our community, provide necessary information about local customs, language, culture and religion, this to enable our community to integrate easier and at same time to keep our own identity, culture and religion.

How does UK Albanian Muslim Community & Cultural Centre Trust work?

The Trustees or Directors have the overall legal responsibility for ensuring that the organization operates smoothly, its finances are spent wisely, and its memorandum is followed accordingly.